Warranties from Hillside Motors

Comprehensive Wear and Tear

Hillside Motors warranties are administered by Auto Protect Ltd 

After your house, your next biggest purchase would be your car. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment? 

Hillside Motors provides a 3 month comprehensive 'Gold Policy' with a £500 max claim limit at any one time. With its unlimited mileage and number of claims, it makes sense to upgrade your policy. At point of sale, Hillside Motors can upgrade your policy at greatly reduced premiums. Duration, claims limit and prices for these upgrades are as follows:

- 3 Months Gold with a £500 claim limit - £FOC

- 6 Months Comprehensive, £500 claim limit - £169

- 6 Months Comprehensive, £1000 claim limit - £249

- 12 Months Comprehensive,£1000 claim limit - £339

- 24 Months Comprehensive,£1000 claim limit - £499

- 36 Months Comprehensive,£1000 claim limit - £699 

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